We will replace ATIKU if he fails


‘We understand that those in the PDP are not different from those in the APC but bet you me, there is no way Atiku can perform as horrible as Buhari. Not even if he sleeping through his four years.

Atiku is a businessman, Buhari is a pensioner who have not been able to modernise his cow business in forty years. Atiku is comfortable working with people of other ethnic groups and religions, Buhari would only be comfortable with northerners if he would have his way. Atiku as a businessman understands time frames, targets, and results. Buhari understands nothing.

I’m not saying Atiku would turn around the whole system for good, but he could. How do we know if we don’t try him? And truly of what use is Buhari to us now? He has not been able to do a single thing in four years, of what use is he to us?

We would replace Buhari now and replace Atiku if he fails to perform. Simple. We would not fail our children. They should not grow up in this mess we call Nigeria.

* The last paragraph is why I’m HOT.

By Babangida Lawani.


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