Understanding Northern Politics


It amounts to political naivety to be pushing the narrative that ‘Muhammad Buhari should be allowed to complete his 8 years so that power will return to South.’

In the North, they don’t do party politics, unlike the South. The factors they consider are RELIGION and ETHNICITY of the candidate. They dont give a hoot about the party he belongs to.

In 1957 when Nnamdi Azikiwe’s NCNC formed a coalition with Ahmadu Bello’s NPC, one wonders why Tafawa Balewa was chosen as the Prime Minister in 1960 and Nnamdi Azikiwe (Zik), a ceremonial president with no portfolio? It’s difficult to explain why Balewa whose highest held positions were Transport Minister and Works Minister was chosen ahead of Zik, who was premier of Eastern Nigeria (1955-1959), Governor-general (succeeded James Robertson in 1960-1963) and first senate president? Zik as at 1934 was already a Master’s degree holder. A time when Ojukwu was just a year old and Achebe was 4 years old. In the same period, Balewa was a TCII holder.

The British-Fulani alliance which holds till this day made it possible and that was the beginning of Northern political domination. Some school of thought has it that the nationwide strike organized by NCNC which made some British to do menial jobs in Nigeria triggered the hatred the British have for Igbo people. This wasn’t the only reasons for the British-Fulani alliance. But the point remains that, Zik was as useless as the “P” in Psychology in that position despite his impeccable qualifications and leadership skills.

In 1979, Shehu Shagari/Alex Ekwueme won, were re-elected in 1983 and Muhammad Buhari and his gang struck in December 31, 1983. Some school of thought believes that, the only reason was to deny Ekwueme from succeeding Shagari. Or how would you explain why Shagari (president) was left in his palace in the name of house arrest while Ekwueme (vice president) was sent to Kirikiri? If Buhari actually struck because the govt was corrupt, both would have been sent to Kirikiri.

In 1999, Yoruba people were given a chance to rule Nigeria as a compensation for the death of MKO, hence Olusegun Obasanjo (OBJ) vs. Olu Falae. The same reason why Ekwueme was schemed out of PDP convention, a party he co-founded.

In 2003, power would have returned to North if OBJ wasn’t cunning enough and decieved Atiku Abubakar. The North and PDP/ANPP governors had already backed Atiku. It was alleged that OBJ knelt down and begged Atiku, promising to handover to him in 2007. Note that Atiku accepted the proposal because he was so powerful during their first tenure. He thought that OBJ would continue to allow him flex his political muscles. A year after re-election, he discovered that OBJ handed him a fig leaf and eventually pushed him out of PDP.

In 2007, it was Yar’Adua Vs. Atiku Vs. Buhari. All Northerners. All Muslims. All Fulanis. Any winner is ok by the North.

Yar’Adua won and died in 2010 and Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) succeeded him as required by the constitution but not without a fight. He completed Yar’Adua’s tenure in 2011 and ran against Buhari and Ribadu. Two Muslims. Two Fulanis against an Ijaw Christian. He won with the understanding that he would do a single term. Other two parties (CPC & ACN) were not an option as they lacked national reach.

It’s worthy to note that, Bola Ahmed Tinubu allowed Nuhu Ribadu to run under his party just to rubbish him, because when he was the EFCC chairman, he called Tinubu one of the most corrupt Nigerians whose case has international dimension. Tinubu already had a deal with GEJ, so he allowed Ribadu to keep fooling himself in ACN.

We all know what happened in 2015 with the formation of APC with its national reach. Those Northerners that made PDP what it is, made their way to APC. Those that remained like VP Sambo and PDP chairman Muazu etc., were planted as moles to bury PDP with GEJ. It wasn’t clear then, but it is very clear now. Why didn’t someone like Sambo or Muazu work for GEJ’s victory, so as to succeed him in 2019? The North wants their own to be there without any delay.

So if Buhari completes his 8 years, power won’t return to South. APC can field a Southern candidate and then kill the party.

If Buhari completes 8 years in 2023, PDP, having zoned the ticket to the North in 2019, will still zone the ticket to the North in 2023. APC would then field a Southern candidate, but the Northern APC members that made APC what it is, will all decamp to PDP to support the Northern candidate PDP would field. Those that would remain, will do the work Sambo, Muazu and co did in 2015. So as it happened in 2015, so shall it happen in 2023.

The North doesn’t do party politics. As long as a Muslim and Fulani is the candidate or an Hausa or Kanuri but nominated by a Fulani, is the candidate, the North can never support a Southern candidate.

Ponder on this:

Have you wondered that, only when a tragedy strikes that power returns to South?

Balewa had to be killed for Ironsi to take over. Murtala had to be killed for OBJ to take over and he willingly handed over to a bloody civilian Northerner in 1979.

IBB was forced out by the international community for Ernest Shonekan to be there, instead of simply handing over to the winner of the election, MKO Abiola.

OBJ’s presidency was a compensation for the Yoruba people for the death of MKO. Power almost returned to the North in 2003 if not for the smartness of OBJ and foolishness of Atiku who thought, since he was already more powerful than OBJ in 2003, he would wait, become more powerful and take over from him in 2007. That made him to hold the North back from chasing OBJ out of Aso Rock.

GEJ was made (not without a fight) the president because of the death of Yar’Adua. Despite GEJ’s politics of appeasement towards the North in his 6-year reign, he was pushed aside.

There is no Southerner that was generally elected or freely supported by the North. NONE.

MKO would have been the person, but you know those that truncated that process.

Written By Slik Austin


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