Agatu in Benue is not known for large scale nomadic herding, making the occupancy of the place by marauding and destructive nomads of the Fulani stock queer. How sweet and nutritious is the grass found in Benue, Plateau, Taraba, Adamawa as to warrant their forced occupancy by these beastly aliens? It could not have been about grass; after all, rumour was rife that grass was being imported from Brazil. Whatever happened to that “great project” that would have taken our receding economy out of the woods. Disgusting!

The Middle Belt is not being forcibly and forcefully occupied by the uncircumcised beasts in human form because of food for their herds of cattle, since the peripatetic nature of nomads makes them go wherever food can be found: it is just a subterfuge for a full scale expansionist project. The latent goal is to expand the territories that are claimable in pursuance of the dream of their ancestor. The bid to “sink the Quran in the Atlantic” is alive and full blown now. The Middle Belt is just an impediment, a barrier, an unnecessary friction to the smooth actualisation of the project.

Those of us down South should not see the travails of the inhabitants of the Middle Belt as a regional thing. They are the bulwark between the marauders and the total escalation of violence across the geographical space called Nigeria. What has been taking place is a calculated displace and replace methodology. The invaders scare the indigenes away from their lands, kill those that dare to challenge them, and occupy the deserted communities. Truth is, these beasts are not on their own: the government at the centre sees this expansionism at the only viable project they must accomplish. Fulani expansionism is actually the real project the Buhari tyrannical regime that has militarised our democracy has come to hatch.

The indeterminate person occupying the apex political office in Nigeria is doing everything feasible to gift every community found in Nigeria to the Fulani. The Civil War (1967-70) led to some concessions between the forces in Nigeria and the these beasts. What we see today is the spiral effect of that agreement. The Fulani are not originally Nigerians. Well, they are here and have succeeded in rejuvenating their hold by planting emirates all over the North. It is time to move from capturing Kwara State in the West to capturing every other state found in Nigeria. Britain has fallen, having lost most of her counties to Islamic Mayors. Of course, Britain, the real owner of Nigeria, will sit and watch in schadenfreude as these serfs they handed Nigeria to do their wish.

Thousands of human lives have been taken, with the government at the centre doing absolutely zilch to quell the killings. Matter-of-factly, we have been asked to yield to the demands of these bloodletting barbarians or face the dire consequence for our recalcitrance. The picture is clear: the government at the centre is in cahoots with the killers. Nigeria is besieged by Fulani government and Fulani killers, politically and economically, respectively. It is almost helpless, but we must put our acts together and say a resounding “No!” to this forced marriage. It is time to draw the curtains on our existence in Nigeria.

We did not create Nigeria. Nigeria is not a product of consultation and deliberation. Nigeria is a gift from the British colonialists to their servile, gullible colony, Fulani. A large chunk of the blame goes to Nnamdi Azikiwe, who before the declaration of independence could have asked for referendum, but chose to allow his pan-Africanist and nationalist vision becloud his sense of judgment. It is the yesterday’s faeces of Azikiwe’s that smells ill today. We must do everything within our power to zip up Nigeria for good. The staccato of disparaging and divergent discord in terms of values, religion, culture, and history amongst the occupants of Nigeria spells doom for us all. It is time to divide on the basis of ethnicity and region. Nigeria is cursed. My diagnosis is as follows:

1) Restructuring as a short term solution
2) Referendum as the ultimate solution.

Russell Idatoru Sunju Bluejack.


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