By Tari Nemi


Oil was discovered in an in the coast of Biafra, an IJAW town, Oloibiri in the year 1956.

Prior to this time the IJAWs have been a depressed ethnic nation as they have been the enemies of the British state before the colonisation of Biafra and the establishment of a new but fake country designed for the comfort of British business in Africa. This country they named Nigeria and forced IJAW and all other Biafran ethnic states to become subject to without seeking our opinions or caring about our interests.


Before oil was discovered in Biafra we have always been a rich country attracting the attention of Europeans to Biafran ports with the IJAW city state Bonny as their major destination.

Biafran business commodities had most of her products coming from Biafra hinterland but using the ports as their way to the world.

Coastal Biafrans (Ijaw, Ogoni, Efik, Ibibio etc) were the intermediaries between the naturally rich Biafra hinterland and the buyers (Europeans). This brought about very sound unity among Biafrans. There was no jealousy, no fear, no pride, no hate amongst us. We did businesses together using Igbo as our major means of communication.

I will say Igbo was the natural Biafra lingua franca, not out of conquest but out of natural business relationships.

This is the reason some IJAW city states mostly involved in the business of the old time speak Igbo now more than their own IJAW dialects. This is because this trade lasted for centuries and generations spoke Igbo like we all speak English today. You can only tell they are not Igbo from their names and sometimes traditional attire.


Britain in their treachery, when they came into the Biafran business circle and ward off the old customers the Portuguese didn’t come to do trade but to steal the business from Biafra.

Don’t forget that the Biafran business circle was, hinterland businessmen to coastal buyers and coastal buyers to the ports where the businesses are shipped off to Europe.

But when Britain got involved, they decided to cut the coastal Biafrans off the business. They decided to make their way to the hinterland. This was the birth of the wars between the IJAW kings and Britain until they were subdued from behind and some like Jubo Juboah aka Jaja, an Igbo blood IJAW king were sent on exile.

The hinterland (Igbo) businessmen were convinced and deceived by the British that it was for their good.

The British sowed the greed first in the hinterland businessmen to make them believe they don’t need the coastal Biafrans anymore since they can now do business directly with the Europeans and become richer.

This business continued until colonisation, making the British sight the capital of the region hosting most Biafran ethnic nations in the hinterland Enugu because it was the centre of their business.

Enugu as capital of the Eastern region was to further punish the coast of Biafra and subdue them under their brothers without the knowledge of their brothers.

Enugu being the capital of the Eastern region reminded the IJAW man in the distant coast everyday how Britain stole his business and rendered him useless in his own country. So while Igbos felt cool and normal going to Enugu, the IJAW feel pained going to Enugu traveling that far on road to do state affairs when he has always traveled on water. We live in water not land.

This anger grew in the heart of the coastal Biafrans but the hinterland Biafrans were lost in the deception created by the Britain, the deceivers.

The coastal Biafrans felt lost and oppressed as the British wanted it to be while our brothers enjoyed themselves and the power given to them. This was a way to punish us for challenging and defeating them in a war at Akasa. They never wanted the name IJAW to be heard on the lips of important discussions as they felt that the only way to maintain their business was to oppress the smart IJAWs.

This changed when OIL was discovered.


Wow…. IJAW can now be heard. Oil is found in our soil.

The average IJAW now felt that with this new resource they can get back to the discussion table and demand their terms.

This was led to the call of an IJAW state or republic by Isaac Adaka Boro in the year 1966.

IJAWs wanted a state separate from the hinterland and other Biafran coastal neighbors.

IJAWs wanted to get back at the Igbo and get back their voice.

Britain knowing the pains and need they have created in the IJAW and other coastal nations took advantage of it to accuse the Igbo of a crime they created.

They told IJAW that all the Igbo wants is their oil so they should fight them off.

Don’t forget that at this point, the Fulani controlled north is already attempting to dominate the whole British contraption as it has always been their desire. So because of this Igbo couldn’t let the coast go and reduce their political strength for the consumption of Hausa Fulani north that is so big and has refused to split.

IJAW didn’t understand but was deceived by the British to believe that all the Igbo wants is their OIL.


The more IJAW was trying to go the more the Igbo was trying to convince them to stay and fight off the Fulani beastful oppression together but IJAW couldn’t see beyond the oil.

Instead of IJAW to reason with his brother, because of his desire to control his wealth alone he pitched his tent with total strangers, the most dreaded tribe in Africa, the Fulani.

This led to the majority IJAW support of the Fulani to the bringing down of the entire Biafra in the Biafra war of independence otherwise called Nigeria Biafra war.


After loosing the war, Nigeria oppressed Biafra with every force in their power. They killed any Biafran opposition for fun including IJAW and other coastal Biafrans who took the IJAW side and shared the IJAW feeling and hate.

Though we were oppressed and killed, we still couldn’t see beyond our oil and know that all the tried to do was to protect Biafran people and property as it was both that were under attack by the Fulani controlled north and Fulani controlled Nigeria.

Even after 50years that the war was fought many coastal Biafrans are still under the spell of British divisive witchcraft.

Who did to us?

Till today some people are still telling me, MY OIL this, MY OIL that.

Are you not ashamed you can’t see life beyond your oil?

The same oil Fulani play with from distant north and pollute your land?

The same oil Fulani kill you for yet you can do nothing to stop them or call them to order?

The same oil we have fought to own since after the wat but are still slaves to the Nigerian state?


Open your eyes my people. Our relationship with Igbo dates beyond oil.

Our romance with Igbo had no touch of oil.

If any group deserve our oil it is the Igbo. They are the only ones that have not set us up for the kill but rather give their lives to protect us.

They always stand by us in times of need and always remind us of our brotherhood.

If they have ever done us any wrong it was never intensional. It was the product of those who desire to keep us in perpetual bandage.

But if we can’t unite with them, we are not only displeasing ourselves but we are pleasing those who hate us.

We are only playing the script of our enemies.

I challenge you this day:








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