Pregnant woman gives birth on the street

Other women are seen covering and helping Uzoma during her child birth on the street

IMO STATE – A woman, Uloma Livinus, gave birth on the street in the early hours of Saturday, in the village of Amosu Umulolo in Okigwe local government area of Imo State,  due to delay in the means of transportation.

Njideka Nnana, 47, a petty trader who is an eyewitness said she saw the pregnant woman and other women as they were struggling to get a motorcycle or any other form of transportation to the hospital but as it was early in the morning none was available and the woman was already seriously in labour.

A local nurse is seen helping Uzoma during the delivery of her child

“It was an ordinary nurse who was going to work that morning that stopped and helped the woman to deliver the baby by the roadside, but the baby did not survive,” she told a journalist.

Another eyewitness, who chose to remain anonymous, blamed the situation on a total negligence on the part of the government who has refused to build standard health care centers and hospitals in remote villages.

Information gathered has it that Uloma who was already in labour, fell to the ground because she could no longer wait as she was screaming out of pain.

She was carried and laid by the roadside with the help of other women who also helped in the delivery of the baby since there was no nearby hospital.

However, the baby could not make it alive due to inadequate medical attention.


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