In the Spring of 2012, a London-based Biafran young man of 44 years of age with the officially documented name of Kenny Nwannekaenyi Okwu-Kanu but popularly known as Nnamdi Kanu combined resources with other London-based individuals also of Biafra descent to start an internet radio which they called Radio Biafra London (RBL). Some of these individuals include Alphonsus Uchenna Okafor-Mefor, Luke Chukwuma Egemba, Adolph Chigozie Emeka Emekesiri, Emma Nmezu, Tagbo Umeasiegbu, Stephen Chukwunebunieze Ikpa, and Nwada Amarachi. The launch and continuous broadcasts from this radio station signaled a change of attitude among majority of Biafrans in the long-forgotten issue of the hitherto short-lived Republic of Biafra. Through the combined efforts of the above-named founding members of RBL (RBL itself later turned into a pro-Biafra group with subsequent variants and splinter groups), the radio broadcasts engendered a rejuvenation of the quest for the restoration of the nation of Biafra and further enlightened Biafrans and non-Biafrans on the need for Nigeria to dismember into natural Nation States instead of the existing behemoth hurriedly, deceptively, and surreptitiously put together by the British government in 1914. A few years earlier (1999), another young man called Ralph Uwazuruike had launched a non-violent group called Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) with the support of other pro-Biafra individuals such as Longinus Orjiakor, Uchenna Madu, and Uche Okwukwu. Several other pro-Biafra groups also came into existence between 1999 till date, each with its own ideology, philosophy, strategy, and modus operandi but the common thread among all is the quest for the sovereignty of Biafra and the separation of the Biafran territory from the British-created criminality and contraption called Nigeria. The Biafran territory in reference is Nigeria’s current Southeast and South-south geopolitical zones and parts of Kogi and Benue states. The Nigerian government’s response to the agitations by the various groups was the use of lethal force to kill, maim, imprison, and terminally injure members of these groups. Even the groups that chose the legal path were faced with endless court postponements and procedural red-herring in order to frustrate and kill the morale of the litigants. To worsen the situation in 2015, the British and American governments covertly connived and installed as a Nigerian President, someone who committed the crime of Treason on December 31, 1983, in the person of Retired Major General Muhammadu Buhari.
Prior to this infamous installation of the educationally and intellectually unqualified Muhammadu Buhari as Nigerian President, a military decree number-24 was foisted on the people of Nigeria in 1999 with a tag of “Nigerian Constitution.” Matters were even made worst when some of the original founders of RBL and some other groups naively pursued their Biafra agitation through this fraudulent document erroneously called a Constitution. Presently, many of these RBL-founding members plus members of other groups are warming up to participate in the electoral processes of 2018 and the Federal elections of 2019 under the illusions that they can achieve Biafra independence through their involvement in Nigerian politics even when Section-2(1) of the fraudulent Constitution is starring them in the face! The height of it all is the recent invitation to the Treason-committing and Israel-hating Muhammadu Buhari by President Donald J. Trump of the USA on who’s inauguration day in January 2017, Biafrans came out to celebrate but only to be slaughtered in their thousands by Nigeria’s armed forces under the instructions and order from this same Buhari that he (Trump) invited. This President Trump’s diplomatic and political misadventure made many Biafrans to repeat a recent American hotly-contested slogan; “BLACK LIVES MATTER.” Most Biafrans and friends of Biafra are of the view that Trump has cut-off their noses and spat it in their faces by hobnobbing with the Biafran-killer and blood-thirsty Buhari. Biafrans had looked up to President Trump and the good people of America to support their quest for freedom just as America has supported other countries and Indigenous People to gain their freedom. With this infamous and inhuman act, on the part of President Trump and Government of the USA, of partnering and supporting a murderous and anti-Biafra Nigerian government headed by Muhammadu Buhari who committed treason in 1983 and who was also part of those that killed millions of Biafrans during the war of genocide (1967-1970), let me prophetically warn entire humanity that Biafrans have been pushed to the wall. All may seem quiet for now but ultimately, Nigeria’s demise is a matter of “when” and not “if” and it will happen very soon. The assurance that Nigeria’s demise will happen peacefully is quickly eluding. I want to conclude this my last epistle on the demise of Nigeria by making an emphatic statement, that Nigeria must disintegrate but based on the current turn of events, I predict that Nigeria’s disintegration may not be peaceful and the American government and other free democracies in the world will have themselves to blame for letting Biafrans down. However, it is not too late now for President Trump and the American Government to; (i) do an immediate volte-face on their romance with this genocidist, anti-Semitic, and religious bigot called Muhammadu Buhari and his killer-government of Nigeria and (ii) to support the extrication of the nation of Biafra from Nigeria before things get to unmanageable levels. I may not be as prophetic as Michel de Nostredame (Nostradamus) but this my last epistle will come in handy as a reference material very soon when the inevitable happens. To President Trump and ALL lovers of freedom, a stitch in time saves nine!!!

Written by: Dr. Clifford Chukwuemeka Iroanya Houston-Texas, USA May 1, 2018


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