Meet Stephane Deheselle


Born in Liege Belgium, Stephane Deheselle is a choreographer/dancer and goes by the name steph2sl on Instagram. His flexibility has moved his dancing style to a greater level. He combines contortionism with acrobatics to showcase his extreme physical dancing ability.

He dances with rhythm and creates unbelievable characteristics with it. His way of dancing is as if he has no bones in him. Not only is Stephane Deheselle a dancer, he is also an actor. He has been credited for his work in a top movie, the Mummy (2017) and Stars 80 (2012). Game companies like Ubisoft Paris Studios SARL also credited him on games developed by them.

His career probably spans more years than those already in the field before him due to his uniqueness and creative ability. Recently, he has been seen to be working with fashion models as he applies his contortionism in almost every aspect of his life.


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