IDPs lament over poor welfare and plan for forceful eviction


RIVERS STATE – Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) whose relatives were killed, houses  and properties destroyed,  and completely sacked from their communities since 19 May 2019 as a result of clash for supremacy by rival cult groups in some Ogoni communities has lamented over poor welfare and intended forceful eviction by the Government.

They spoke to correspondent who visited the camp located at the old dilapidated building of Wesley Methodist Cathedral Bori, the traditional headquarter of Khana Local Area.

Internally Displaced Persons in Wesley Methodist Cathedral Bori, Khana LGA, Rivers State

The children specifically decried their inability to feed properly and go to school since they sought refuge in the IDP camp.

The oldest man who identified himself as Mr. Gbiye, 72, from Kono Bo-ue indicated that it was purely clash of supremacy between two rival cult groups popularly known as Dee-Gbam and Dee-Well.

“I heard serious noise and heavy gunshots from my room where I was lying down only to discover blood flow and lots of dead bodies on the ground. As I speak with you, I can’t really figure out where my children are and it was my wife that managed to bring me to this camp. I’ve been sick several times since my arrival here because of lack of proper medication, poor nutrition and persistent exposure to cold at night,” he said.

“I sincerely appeal to the government to show some concern to our plights as it requires immediate response. Where are they expecting a 72 year old man like me to go to without my children and means to earn a living, it’s very pathetic,” he added.

Some of the kids in the IDP camp in Wesley Methodist Cathedral Bori, Khana LGA, Rivers State

The assistant camp coordinator, Mrs Immaculate expressed displeasure in the way and manner they have been neglected by the government and admitted that only the church and one private individual has given them few relief materials since the inception of the camp five months ago.

She called on the government to show some concern, especially those who are sick and the pregnant amongst them.

She stressed that the D.P.O of Bori Police Division only came to thank the church authority on Sunday telling them that they should prepare to leave the camp any moment.

“So far we have only received some relief materials from few churches and one private individual for almost five months now,” she told our reporter.

“Last Sunday, the Divisional Police Officer Commanding Bori Station only came to thank the church for their kind gesture and asked us to go back home and we all felt bad because most of us have lost virtually everything including our means of livelihood,” said the assistant camp coordinator.

She finally appealed to the government to think of proper way of rehabilitating the victims instead of plans to evict them forcefully as that might inflict more pains and agony on the already heart-broken victims.

“Moreover, there was no assurance that the place is safe for us to return back and I hereby appeal to the government to come and see things for themselves so that they can provide lasting solution to this terrible experience,” she added.


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