All over Biafraland, some people who designated themselves as “pro-Biafra” Nigerians are spending a stupendous amount of resources (money, time, and others) to convince Biafrans to obtain the so-called Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC). I personally call them “PVC-preachers”. These PVC-preachers have left no stone unturned in their arguments on the advantages of every Biafran obtaining his or her PVC. Some PVC-preachers even posited, strangely and laughably, that these 2019-election PVC’s will be used if Biafrans are to go for any UN-mandated and supervised Referendum! Furthermore, they averred that getting a PVC will put the states in Biafraland, and by extension Biafrans, in a commanding position to elect the “pro-Biafra” presidential candidate of their choice into office as the President of the British-created criminality and contraption called Nigeria. Now, let us reveal five basic and irrefutable facts that these PVC-preachers must know concerning presidential election in the “Fulanized” country called Nigeria.

Fact #1:
The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), established by Section 153(1f) of the fraudulent Fulani Constitution of Nigeria, shall determine the winner of a presidential election based on either Section-133 or Section-134 of same Fulani Constitution. Because Nigeria does not have a history of single presidential candidate, Section-133 will be ignored in this discourse.

Fact #2:
The gerrymandering of population figures and number of states by former Northern military/army Generals will always make a Northern presidential candidate win every election. On the alternative, any candidate backed by the Northern people of Nigeria will always win every presidential election. Considering the provisions of Section-134(1a and 2a), there is no chance on this earth for any candidate not backed by Northern people to win a presidential election by the highest number of votes cast, even if all Biafrans (both voting and non-voting age) obtained their PVC’s and voted.

Fact #3:
As stated in Section-134(1b and 2b), a presidential candidate requires a minimum of 25% of votes cast in 24 states plus 25% of votes cast in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja (FCT) to win the election. I believe we are aware that there are 19 states in the Northern region of Nigeria and 11 states in the Biafran region. Let us assume that the PVC-preachers can get all the states in Biafra region to obtain their PVC’s and vote their “pro-Biafra” presidential candidate such that the North-supported candidate surprisingly didn’t get a single vote from Biafraland. This “pro-Biafra” candidate will get overwhelmingly high votes in only 11 states which is deficient by 13 states to win the election. Meanwhile, the North-supported candidate will easily sweep the 19 states and effortlessly garner 25% of the votes cast in 5 out of the 6 states in the Western region to get the minimum requirement to win the election. Where does that leave the PVC-preachers and their “pro-Biafra” candidate?

Fact #4:
According to Schedule-3 Part-1 Section-14(2), the President has the absolute power to appoint 37 Resident Electoral Commissioners who will superintend the presidential election in the 36 states and the FCT. Although Section-154(1) noted that the confirmation of the Chairman of INEC shall be done by the Senate, it is still imperative that the Chairman will first be appointed by the President before confirmation by the Senate. This appointment by the President will be based on the President’s compulsory consultation with the Council of State. The current Council of State is composed predominantly of former Northern military/civilian rulers and an all-Northern former Chief Justices of Nigeria. Let us remember that the Northern region has 58 Senators out of 109, which is 53% when it comes to voting for confirmation of the INEC Chairman nominee. With all these Northernized scenarios surrounding appointment of INEC Chairman and Residential Electoral Commissioners, it will be interesting to see how the PVC-preachers and their “pro-Biafra” candidate will win presidential election even with 100% achievement in obtaining PVC’s and in voting.

Fact #5:
It does not matter who is voted into office as the President of Nigeria nor does it matter if every human being living in Biafraland (including new-born babies) obtains PVC and votes the “pro-Biafra” presidential candidate into office, the contents of the fraudulent Fulani Constitution remain unchanged. The PVC-preachers must shamefully live with the following realities;

i) A President-elect must subscribe to Schedule-7 before assuming office [Section-140(1)]

ii) Nigeria remains one indivisible and indissoluble country until the fraudulent Fulani Constitution states otherwise [Section-2(1)]

iii) The fraudulent Fulani Constitution is binding on everyone within that geographical entity cobbled together by the British Government in 1914 [Section-1(1)]

iv) The Northern region of Nigeria will always have their say and their way in everything in Nigeria, courtesy of the gerrymandering by former Northern Military Generals [Sections 3, 8, 9, 48, and 49]

v) It is impossible to amend any part of the fraudulent Fulani Constitution if such amendment is against the interests of the Northern region [Section-9]

vi) Biafrans and other Southern regions in Nigeria shall continue to live as slaves and third-class citizens if they continue to accept the fraudulent Fulani Constitution and participate in socio-political processes mandated by the same Constitution [Section-1(2)]

vii) According to Tony Nnadi of Lower Niger Congress (LNC), “Those [PVC-preachers] still discussing another round of National Elections in 2019 on the basis of the obnoxious and rejected 1999 Constitution, are aiding criminality to the extent that the winner of any such Election (if it holds) will swear to and govern with the atrocious 1999 Constitution.”

Therefore, your only solution is the rejection and repudiation of the fraudulent Fulani Constitution and stay away from any political process emanating from the same fraudulent Fulani Constitution.

Written by:
Dr. Clifford Chukwuemeka Iroanya
Houston-Texas, USA
April 5, 2018


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