Erosion menace in Umuturu village in Umuagwo community

Gullies formed by erosion in Umuturu village in Umuagwo, Owerri West LGA

IMO STATE – Heavy erosion as a result of constant rainfall has destroyed the village of Umuturu in Umuagwo community of Owerri West local government area in Imo state, which is 54 kilometer to the state capital.

Mr. Nnamdi Arthur, 53, said most of these problems were caused by sand drillers who always come to take sand from the land thereby making the land vulnerable to erosion.

“All efforts to stop the company who comes to scoop sand from the land proved abortive because they were working under the authority of the previous government,” he said.

He also said that it was the present government that stopped the company from continuous drilling and taking of sands from the erosion pathways.

Children can be seen playing near gullies formed by erosion in Umuturu village in Umuagwo, Owerri West LGA

The people of the community blamed the government for total negligence towards the plight of the community.

Mrs. Monica John, who is also from the community, said not only erosion has destroyed the land, even the housing is totally poor.

“The government has not been very fair to us in the community, they have totally forgotten us,” she added.

Houses and roads can be seen in totally disrepair as most of the people live in wooden houses popularly known as ‘batchers’.

Most of the houses hang on the edge of deep ditches and roads to the community have been totally dilapidated by erosion.

The condition of living has been unbearable for most of the people of the community.


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