In response to the reckless impunity with which the Caliphate, masquerading as the “Federal Government of Nigeria” had been hounding the rest of Nigeria under various guises, ranging from “fight against Corruption” to “fight against Terror”, the Lower Niger Congress today reminds the Non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria particularly the Greater Eastern Nigeria, that the nature of the widening existential threats represented by the unfolding Fulani CONQUEST, ISLAMIZATION and COLONIZATION Agenda requires a lot more than is currently being done, especially for the undisguised Ethnic Cleansing as well as the brazen molestation of visible Thought-Leaders/Political Actors, championing the resistance of their various distressed Peoples, to the Fulani brigandage cum belligerence, cloaked in officialdom.

Specifically, in response to the arrest of Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, I had written at Nzuko Umunna as follows:

“Unless as an endangered People, we Declare the kind of Sovereignty Dispute demanded by the grim Igbo situation in Nigeria, we lay ourselves open to the unchallenged mauling we see both of our People, (high and low) and our Strategic Interests as is being discussed in relation to the disproportionately spread 2018 Budget and the Cuts for Projects in the Greater Eastern Nigeria.

As the LNC had consistently posited:

We either continue to sacrifice our People to save One-Nigeria or we sacrifice One-Nigeria to save our People

This holds true for each of the over 200 Nationalities of the Non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria including the Tiv of Benue, the Jukun of Taraba, the Birom of Plateau, the Kataf of Southern Kaduna, the Yoruba, the Ijaw and all the other traumatized Nationalities, entrapped in the failed Lugardian Experiment of 1914 still being operated under the codename: “Nigeria”.

For every day we postpone this inevitable decision, we exponentially increase the cost in blood for those who will eventually have to take the decision to wind up that 1914 Experiment to make way for Fresh Post-Nigeria Protocols amongst only Willing, Compatible Contiguities.

The only mitigation to the calamity staring at us now is that the Non-Igbo and the Non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria have also come to the realization that unless they give up One-Nigeria, they willl have to take their turns to provide the daily blood ration required to keep the monster alive. They now realize that if they will live, Nigeria must die; and if Nigeria must live, their People will have to die”

May I add that neither Elections 2019 under the worse-than-apartheid 1999 Constitution nor the kind of piecemeal reactionary kneejerks as we see often, will address the rapidly expanding clear and present danger posed by the vicious Fulani Caliphate Suzerainty, masking itself as “the Federal Government of Nigeria” to the rest of Nigeria.

From the perspective of the Non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria, the LNC and it’s MNN Partners, without equivocation further posit that, in the absence of Nigeria being Federation, being a Democracy, operating under Constitutionalism or the Rule of Law, any meaningful engagement with the prevailing grave situation in Nigeria must of necessity be framed as a Sovereignty disputation which must begin with Self-Determination Referendums since it is clear that the defunct Federation of Nigeria which collapsed completely since 1966, has left the Constituent Components and the various Peoples trapped in a toxic Union of Death and Attrition.

Every other approach, leaves intact, the pretense that Nigeria is a Democracy under a Constitution and the Rule of Law, and this merely gives the determined Caliphate a greater berth and leverage to rapidly advance its CONQUEST, ISLAMIZATION and COLONIZATION Agenda, backed by Ethnic Cleansing, especially if they drag the rest of Nigeria to another Election in 2019 under the already repudiated and rejected 1999 Constitution.

Written by
Tony Nnadi on June 23, 2018.


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