Boris Johnson refutes allegation of grabbing a woman’s thigh

Boris Johnson reacts to Sajid Javid’s speech at the Conservative party conference in Manchester | The Guardian

MANCHESTER – The UK prime minister, Boris Johnson has repudiated the accusation by a female journalist, that he fondled her.

Johnson denied the allegation in an interview by a journalist when he visited a business property in Manchester during party conference by the Conservatives.

Recall that a Sunday Times journalist, Charlotte Edwardes has accused the PM of grabbing her thighs during a lunch in 1999 when she was working at a Conservative news magazine, The Spectator and Johnson was its editor.

In a 46 minute video posted by The Guardian, he was asked if he really touched the thigh of a woman during a lunch and Johnson said, “No, and I think what the public want to hear is about what we are doing to level up and unite the country.”

When asked if he thinks the woman made up the allegation he said, “I’m just saying what I’ve said. What the public want to hear is what we are doing for them and for the country and the investment in ways of uniting the country.”


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