Aro Igbo and the Gregorian year 2018

Original Igbo Calendar 2018 | Scribd
The Igbo Calendar as prepared by NgoziChukwuka Adaobuijele Udeeze Onwuagbu
  • In  this  year,  Onwa Mbu  Igbo (Igbo first month) corresponds  to  February  month  of  the Gregorian calendar  and the  days  in  Onwa Mbu Igbo aligned with that of Gregorian February month.
Onwa Mbu
  • Onwa  Abua  Igbo (Igbo second month),  starts  on  Afo  same  day  as  the  Western/Gregoria  calendar.  Onwa  Abua  corresponds  to Gregorian month of March, however when Igbo month ends on the 28th day of Orie Wednesday, the Gregorian continues on till the Saturday the 31st, hence given them 3 more days to complete this month, please see the red highlighted 1 THU.
Onwa Abuo
  • Onwa  Ato  Igbo (Igbo third month)  which  is  Onwa  Ife  Eke,  in  this  month  Igbo  Izu  would  travel  three  days  ahead  of  the  Western calendar  on  Afo day  which  corresponds to the  Thursday  29th  day  of  March.  This  meant that Igbo  is  three  days ahead  because  the  previous  month  ended  on  the  28th.  Onwa  Ife  Eke  corresponds  to  April  month  of  Gregorian calendar.  Onwa  Ife  Eke  ends  on  the  28th  day  Afo  which  corresponds  to  Thursday  26th  April  meaning  that Gregorian has four extra days to end their month while Uwa Izu is four days ahead, please see the red highlighted
Onwa Ato
  • Onwa Ano Igbo (Igbo fourth month) will commence four days ahead and correspond to the Gregorian month of May. This Igbo month began on Nkwo on the 27th April. Igbo will conclude one Izu before the previous Gregorian month of April ended.  Onwa Ano Igbo is four days ahead and from the 5th day, corresponds to month of May. Onwa Ano Igbo ends on the Afo 28th day corresponding to Thursday May 24th day of Western calendar. This makes coming Igbo month 7 days ahead, please see highlighted 5 (TUE 1).
Onwa Ano
  • Onwa  Ise  Igbo (Igbo fifth month),  Onwa  Agwu,  in  this  month  Igbo  Izu  travels  seven  days  ahead  because  whilst  Igbo  circled previous 28 days on the Western 24th day, Western calendar still has 7 more days to complete its journey. Onwa Agwu Igbo began on Nkwo Friday the 25th of May to end 28 days circle on Afo, Thursday 21 June. Onwa Agwu corresponds to last seven days of May plus first 21 days of June. First day of Western will fall on the 8th of Onwa Agwu, please see highlighted 8 (Fri 1).
Onwa Ise
  • Onwa Isii Igbo (Igbo sixth month),  Onwa Ifejioku starts on  Nkwo Friday 22 June  and completes its 28 days  Afo Mon 23 July, it corresponds to July month of Western calendar whose first day as highlighted on 6 (Sun 1 July).
Onwa Isii
  • Onwa Asaa (Igbo seventh month), Onwa Alom Chi starts with extra days from July but corresponds to August the 8th month of Western  / Gregorian calendar because it of more days in August, please see the calendar for more information.
Onwa Asaa
  • Onwa Asato Igbo eight month), Onwa Ilo Mmuo corresponds to 9th month of September although it started with 11 days from the previous month of August, please see the calendar for more information.
Onwa Asato
  • Onwa Iteghete (Igbo ninth month) is Onwa  Ani,  it corresponds to 10th  month of October according to Western calendar, however like other IZU months, it carried 13 days from the previous month, please see Onwa Ani in the calendar for more information.
Onwa Iteghete
  • Onwa Iri, (Igbo tenth month) Onwa Okike, corresponds to the Western calendar month of November, it commences with 8 days from the previous October month and ran its 28 days circle to end on Afo Tue 20th November, please consult this month within the calendar for more information.
Onwa Iri
  • Onwa  Iri  n’ofu (Igbo eleventh month), onwa  Ajani,  corresponds to December month of Western calendar though it begins with carry over from previous month of 10 days. It ends on Tue day 18th December an Afo day, please consult the month for more details.
Onwa Iri Na Ofu
  • Onwa Iri n’abua (Igbo twelfth month), onwa Ede Ajani, aligns with Western calendar month of January. It commenced with 13 days carried over from the previous month and completes its 28 days journey on Afo day, Tue 15th January 2019.
Onwa Iri Na Abuo
  • Onwa Iri n’ato (Igbo thirteenth month), Onwa Uzo Alukwusi, is aligned with February month of 2019. It carried over from the previous December  month  16  days.  Onwa  Uzo  Alukwusi  will  run  its  28  days  circle  to  end  on  the  Afo  day  which  is Thursday 12 February 2019.
Onwa Iri Na Ato

How to use this calendar

  1. You must not use this calendar the way you use the Western one
  2. In the Calendar, the big bold black numbers are the Igbo days
  3.  The small numbers and dates shown on top of all Igbo months shows the number of days left for the Gregorian month to complete its circle.
  4. Igbo month is 28 stable days whilst the Gregorian one shift from 28 to 31 days
  5. Whilst Igbo month ends on 28th day, the Western one continues until it clocks either 30 to 31 days.
  6.  The Igbo month starts on the 29th day once it clocks 28 regardless of where this falls in Gregorian calendar
  7. Igbo months and Western months only aligns every 112 years, the last was 2012.
  8. Igbo first month, Onwa Mbu corresponds to Gregorian/Western February in year 2018
  9. Igbo months are always behind so to find Onwa Abua for instance, look for third month of the Western calendar.
  10. Most Igbo month commences before the Western calendar due to Igbo 28 days month circle
  11. There is no evidence to suggest Igbo celebrate New Year day, this is a Western construct
  12. However, Igbo celebrates every month independently
  13. There is a festival on the 3rd Afo day welcoming the Aro Ofuu but note that this is not exactly the first day.
  14. Igbo months circle between Afo and Nkwo which is when they are either starting or ending
  15. This date may not always fall within the Onwa Mbu
  16. It is not year 2018 for the Igbo who have been in existence for much more longer
  17. 4 days makes an Igbo IZU, 91 IZU is contained in Igbo year. 28 days makes up Igbo Onwa/month, 364 days make up Igbo year. There are 13 months that make up ARO Igbo/Igbo year.


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