Action is needed!!!


The day NLC, ASUU, NUPENG, NURTW, NAN, PENGASSAN, NMA, NBA, and every organised body goes on indefinite ‘strike’ until the terrorist herdsmen menace is not just curbed, but brought to justice

That’s the day that the cost of one cow will no more be compared to the cost of one human life.

If every presidential candidate holds a press conference at the same time, 10am today; denouncing this barbaric act, and every silly attempt to rationalise it by evil people; vowing to set aside their campaigns for at least 2 weeks and with one voice demand justice or nothing else.

That’s the day cow dung will cease to matter more than human blood. That’s the day we will know if government is comatose or complicit;

If they are unconscious or unconscionable.

If PFN, CAN, Catholics, Protestants, Aladura, assemble as only one million in Abuja, one million in Lagos, one million in Port Harcourt and at least one hundred thousand in every state from Kano to Plateau and Zamfara to Bayelsa with the prayer and intercession theme: “For MEAT destroy not the work of God” and Bible Study topic “Voting With Your Conscience”

That’s the day you may begin to see a government rolling out real and immediate actions that show that 100 cows are not worth the life of any Nigerian

If every Muslim said on one particular Friday Service “Miyetti Allah we know, but who are this Miyetti Shaitan? This is a disgrace to our faith and our religion. These murders have nothing to do with us. We denounce such barbarism. Bring them to book now!”

Then the real and virtual, ideological and social estates of these malevolent miscreants will reduce by a significant degree.


Mass burial in the recent Jos killings

If every Nigerian on social media picks three days to talk about and post nothing else but in the #charliehebdo #thesekillingsareevil, style identify and talk about the names and lives of the victims of this massacre #thesemurderersmustbefound #thesecriminalsmustbepunished

Maybe the lies will stop, and the liars will be rattled, and the wicked at ease will become uneasy, and the brazen plots of evil will be halted.

If Super Eagles were to beat Argentina today and after the match, while everyone is celebrating; they with one voice say “We would give up all our goals to bring back even one life lost to senselessness. We don’t want any more special rewards. Stop the killings now”

Then maybe the authorities that be will stop playing ludo, and take full responsibility for security as they swore to do in the day Nigerians were wilfully deceived by posturing and grandstanding.

STUPID ARGUMENT is not action
SYCOPHANCY is not action
CHRISTIANESE is not action
TALKING ABOUT THE LAST GOVERNMENT is the most unwise of all
APATHY is the worst of all attitudes

PRAYER is action
PROTEST is action
STRIKE is action
VOTING is action

Action is needed.

MASSIVE action

Action is needed.

Written by Ebele UzoPeters


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